Following, is not our birthright, creating is!

mountain top

He is a fool who follows the wisest man to the top of the mountain,

for each of us has a different mountain to climb.  Melanie Morfitt 

Life would be so much simpler if there was a single method or path to enlightenment.  We see in others something that we too want to experience or ownFollowing, is not our birthright, creating is.

We are creators given the ‘freedom of forgetting ‘ who we are, in order that we forge new pathways into Self discovery.  We are the ones gifted with the responsibility for the single, unique path that we each travel upon. We are needed to create ever increasing fractals of thought, moment by moment from our single, deliciously limited perspective in this life.

You are the only person ever to exist with your particular array of experiences, circumstances and life variables.  Be the leader in your own life.  And as you scale your own mountain, lean into the wind of your own personal storms to create on that leading edge of thought that is yours alone.



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