Is your PERSONALITY fixed?

I have had this ‘ear worm’ for a week or so that I can’t get rid of…so I’ll give it to YOU!

If you change your PERSONALITY you will change your PERSONAL REALITY.

Joe Dispenza

I thought my personality was for the most part FIXED like my unique fingerprint?

The above quote was from a Hay House author Joe Dispenza who I really connected with.

Its made me think a lot more about what my mind BELIEVES is FIXED and who I REALLY am if I can change my personality. This perception of internal changeability absolutely meshes well with my own experiences, and with using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) for change in my own and other’s lives.

We know that if we keep doing the same things we will only get the same results, so obviously the change might entail not just what we do, but who we are.

Don’t be afraid to do something ‘out of character’ today. In fact if you want to have a ‘different outcome in life’, one that is pointing in the ‘new direction’ you desire, you pretty much ‘have’ to change right at the ‘source point’, YOU.

So go ahead, REDEFINE yourself, or rather UNCONFINE yourself. It might just be kinda fun unloading some anchors you’ve carried way too long that you thought were attached to you.

Anchors away!


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