Just SWIM! You DO NOT Have To Have ALL Your Ducks In a Row FIRST.

Rubber ducks
I have to admit that this philosophy is VERY new for me, but PRACTICING it has been MIND BLOWING! I FINALLY find myself IN the WATER actually SWIMMING, instead of caught in a whirlpool of PARALYSIS of ANALYSIS!
I launched my WEBSITE and my NLP business, and my SPARKLES of LIFE blog BEFORE I had it ALL figured out. I made my INTENTIONS to make sure my ducks were in the same pond, they just weren’t PERFECTLY aligned.

They looked like this…

…But not like this!
Ducks and Seagulls in Kensington Gardens

I was originally OVERWHELMED as I TRIED to wrap my head around restructuring a NEW LIFE direction that would be more HEART guided and not INTELLECTUALLY forced. THAT was the point. You can’t send in the BRAIN to do the HEART’S job!

So here I am. Happy as a clam, just SURRENDERING to the MIRACLES that are coming my way fast and furiously. I have MAGICALLY connected with PHENOMENAL people that my MIND could NEVER have seen coming. PARTNERING with LIKE HEARTED healers who are sending clients my way. RESTRUCTURING and WEB advice from another AWAKENED team member who can hold my ducklings FOR me and gently place them where they NEED to be,…for TODAY anyway.

WHY didn’t I surrender BEFORE? It is SO much easier to ASK for HELP, and WATCH it APPEAR in MIRACLES every day. PLANNING the tedious ENDLESS details just kept me IMMOBILE, swirling in my own confusion.

CHAOS truly IS a midwife to many NEW THOUGHTS and INSPIRATIONAL ‘AHA’S.
Leave ROOM for your ducks to just SWIM…or FLY!…after all, birds fly south for the winter and make it BACK again WITHOUT a MAP!


3 thoughts on “Just SWIM! You DO NOT Have To Have ALL Your Ducks In a Row FIRST.

  1. Jumping in and ‘just doing it’ is new for me too!
    Love your blog and love your words of encouragement and wisdom.❤️


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