P = p – i

I LOVE this equation! It RESONATES as pure TRUTH in me. As a spiritual being having a human experience I know that my POTENTIAL is LIMITLESS; therefore, all I have to do in life to PERFORM to my maximum, is to REMOVE any INTERFERANCE and I can BE and DO and CREATE anything that my HEART desires!
We have LIMITING BELIEFS that interfere with the FLOW of our lives. We are consciously AWARE of some of these, yet others hide in our UNCONSCIOUS Self. Either way, these beliefs can HINDER and STOP the natural FLOW that is available to us in life. NLP is a magnificently powerful tool for REMOVING these bits of code within ourselves that cause INTERFERANCE in our lives. It can communicate directly with the unconscious to effect CHANGE in our life.
We don’t need to WORK so HARD at ACCOMPLISHING things in life. We simply need to REMOVE the BOULDERS in our inner waters, and then ALLOW the excitement we FEEL in any direction to effortlessly move us along THAT current in life.
What obstacles are you continuously NAVIGATING around, instead of REMOVING from the stream of your life!


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