Pain’s REAL name is LOVE…


Do not strive to SAVE others from their OWN pain. It is actually COUNTERPRODUCTIVE to what you DESIRE for them.  By working to eliminate another’s pain, you DISCONNECT them from their own internal LIFE GPS system.

Pain is our beloved companion. She holds our hand throughout our life, ALERTING us when we are entering territory that is not in our BEST interest.  By SAVING someone from their own pain, you reinforce the BELIEF that they are INCAPABLE of connecting to SOURCE themselves, and you make them DEPENDANT upon you.  When you take OWNERSHIP of or feel RESPONSIBLE for someone else’s pain, you are doing their EMOTIONAL homework FOR them and have essentially LURED away their ONLY way out!

We must REDEFINE the MEANING of PAIN itself if we are to UNDERSTAND its TRUTH.

Pain’s REAL name is LOVE, and she carries with her at ALL times, a basket FILLED with roses.  When we are going the wrong way, she places the PAINFUL thorns upon our path. And when we find the most FRAGRANT, VELVETY SOFT rose petals in front of us, we KNOW that LOVE is telling us that we are indeed, on our way HOME.


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