OBSERVE the PROCESS of life itself, warp and weft always BECOMING something new.

fabric-thick-strands-12-texture_fJ8WwsHuStep BACK, and observe with love and care, each fragment of your life as it occurs.  Your experiences  weave a TAPESTRY more perfect than you could ever imagine from this limited, singular human perspective.  We are to LOVE the PROCESS that is life, and not take score each time we fall, or succeed.  It is ALL required.

We get so tangled up in the actual events of our lives that we forget to simply BREATHE and trust the bigger picture.  Life is meant to be a journey, a PROCESS of experiencing the good, the bad, and the ugly ALL without judgement.  It is ALL a PROCESS of EXPANSION.  It is an honour to BE out here on the leading edge of thought, FEELING and EXPERIENCING those things that we decide we want either MORE or LESS of,…and then MOVE ON!  We are not meant to dwell on those things that we would no longer choose.

LIVE your life FULLY, but also remember to  STEP BACK once in a while to observe, with a nonjudgmental heart, all the miraculous things that you have EXPERIENCED no matter what COLOUR the experience is.


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