Perspective is EVERYTHING!

Perspective is Everything!

If you view your life and circumstances and experiences (past, present or future) from the viewpoint of being a victim, you will continue to create and experience and live and breathe the limiting life of a victim.  If you begin to view your life and circumstances (past, present or future) with a larger lens, you will begin to open up to new opportunities you never even saw before.  By broadening your perspective, you will see new angles and ignite new understandings that will help you create a life with fresh insight that automatically heals old wounds.

Allowing your troubled childhood/ adolescence/adulthood and relationships of abuse, neglect etc. to become the bricks and mortar from which you continue to fortify your foundation of ‘reasons why’ you are the way you are, why the world is the way it is, becomes an eternally self limiting, self fulfilling prophecy of perspectives.  This badge of honor that we wear (either on the inside or the outside of our coats) as victim, only allows for narrow openings into reality’s true infinite potential of who we are!

Mel’s New Dictionary Definition #1.  VICTIM: A non-lucid soul still bound to the illusion that its ‘personality and life circumstances’ have been ‘imposed upon them’ and not remembered as chosen purposely ’by’ them to trigger experiences of growth and awakening into Self Actualization.

Growing Goddesses (and Gods).  That’s what we are doing! We are NOT victims.  We are accomplished students, journeying the halls of the schools that we ourselves built.  We have been wandering with amnesia through our experiences until our cells wake up and remember who we are.  Aha!  I remember now!  I built these halls, these walls, these agendas and invited the best teachers into my experiences so that I could experience ‘what I am NOT’, in order to KNOW what I AM!

You are not damaged; you are ‘experienced’ in what creates a ‘dimmed down’ life.  You are simply now ‘experienced’ in knowing what you are not!

Broad perspectives allow for the miracle of ‘change’ and ‘growth’ to simply happen.  If you don’t believe me, just TRY it!  Bury your ‘complaints’ and ‘poor me excuses to remain damaged’, and just wait to see what begins to sprout from those fertile experiences.  Pale green vines will emerge and lovingly wind around your limbs and your mind, bringing a Freedom and Empowerment so sweetly fragrant that you may begin to cry from your own beauty and unique perfection.


Mel Morfitt – April 21, 2016  



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