There are no MIS-STEPS in life, only a MIS-UNDERSTANDING of the DANCE we are LEARNING. Mel Morfitt

Sometimes MOVING ONWARDS means a step in a DIFFERENT direction, INCLUDING a step that only LOOKS BACKWARDS to the MIND. Sometimes we need to get UNSTUCK FIRST, before moving forward.
A Beautifully PERFECT metaphor happened to me this morning. I was STRUGGLING to untangle my favorite necklace. The fine link chain was caught in the symbolic CELTIC LIFE PATH pendant’s intricate swirls. For several minutes I tried to FORCE the tiny chain links FORWARD to become free of the obstruction. ARGH! I then gently moved the chain BACKWARDS to get it UNSTUCK from the pointy design FIRST. It THEN, MAGICALLY moved forward …EFFORTLESSLY.
What CHALLENGES in life are you trying to FORCE in the direction you desire. Take a moment to stop, and ALLOW a new PERSPECTIVE to rise up within you. Perhaps taking a step BACKWARDS is EXACTLY what your NEXT step is SUPPOSED to be. Think ONWARD instead of FORWARD to get UNSTUCK.
There are no FAILURES in life, just FAILED understandings of how life is PERFECTLY OFFERING us EXACTLY what we need EACH MOMENT to know WHERE to place our step NEXT!


5 thoughts on “There are no MIS-STEPS in life, only a MIS-UNDERSTANDING of the DANCE we are LEARNING. Mel Morfitt

  1. A relevant message that just arrived from © ® /© TUT’s Adventurers Club:

    “Life is like a dance, and we’re partners. Setbacks, delays, and detours? They’re like steps in the mambo, tango, and cha-cha. If you dissected the movements and saw them without the rest of the dance, everyone would look to be in great pain. But when you see the big picture… poetry in motion.

    In life, setbacks, delays, and detours are often just my way of “keeping” you for something way better. Don’t let them discourage you, don’t see them out of context, and whatever you do, don’t stop dancing.
    You choose the dance, the ballroom, or the disco, and let me write the steps, ‘kay?
    Your most able choreographer,
    The Universe”


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