Patterns of Thought


Our MINDS are a complex web of THOUGHTS and PERCEPTIONS and CODES that are uniquely mapped and REMAPPED with each of our individual experiences.

Their structures have some familiar CHORDS and PATTERNS that resonate to certain Meta-Programs that NLP can begin to IDENTIFY  and gently unwind.  Knowing ‘how these programs’ affect the music of our lives, we can begin to ‘orchestrate harmony’ in instead of continuing to experience discord.

Having an NLP understanding of the habitual FAVORITES we and others choose, gives us the POWER to select key WORDS and QUESTIONS that can shift MOUNTAINS of internal paradigms.   Last night I participated in NLP new information / class upgrade.  It helped me realize my own internal meta programs that are running.

I now have a much keener awareness and insight into ‘what I do, why I do it, and what to do about it!’ 

(Thanks for the insights to my Meta-Programs Jacquie)


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